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16 Aug 2012, 19:34


We made substantial changes to some of our interfaces, and the main goal of the overhaul was to simplify user interaction and make the process more intuitive.

Portfolio Menu

The interface for managing your portfolio menu was completely reworked. It is actually now manageable without as much hassle contrary to what it used to be. Additionally, the new system made it possible to allow more features:

  • Menu item ordering. Yes, you can now order the items in the menu any way you want, including sub-menus.
  • Automatic grouping of albums. No more need to create menu categories - they are created and disbanded automatically.
  • Unlimited menu slots. Yes, you can now have as much menu slots as your aesthetics allow you.
  • Custom links. Now you can have a custom link (any kind of URL) as a menu item. And it is managed exactly the same way as album links.
  • Custom pages. You can now create custom pages and insert them into your portfolio menu. A simple "What you see is what you get" editor should make it easier.

"My Images"

New interface features drag and drop. Categories are removed from the interface as well as ability to delete or add albums.

As the new interface is a lot less powerful and does not allow operations on multiple images at once, we also provide the old interface for such needs.

Image Ordering

"My Albums" interface now allows to drag images around to express which order you want them displayed in. Now the system will print images in your custom order or, if you did not define one, will print them in reverse order of adding them to the system.


A convenient form is now available from the main menu, please send us your valuable feedback!

Password Recovery

It is finally possible to recover your password, if you remember your email and username.

Portfolio Zooming

Zoomed-in images are now unclickable.


View Counts

The way views per image are counted has been changed dramatically. Instead of requiring views by registered users only, anonymous users are now also counted. Additionally, all thumbnails of size 800x600 count as well.


Facebook Like button is now available in Portfolio albums, which counts towards portfolio home page (not individual images).

Image Names

Image names can now be up to 250 characters long, up from 20. In Portfolio album view long names will be cut off for image previews.


  • Home page now has tiles design and categories filters are now removed from the page. They technically still work, but we don't really want people using them for now as we are looking into better ways of implementing such categories.
  • Image descriptions in portfolio albums are now expanded by default.
  • In albums management page, "portfolio" album type is now selected by default.
  • Menu's "Settings & Actions" now has shortcuts to major portfolio management pages.

Patch Notes v1.2

11 Aug 2012, 16:58



Couple of icons got replaced with better graphics.


Header, menu, central part and footer are now united into a single section for purposes of background filling not resetting in different subsections.

Portfolio Settings

"My Portfolio" renamed into "Edit My Portfolio".


"Description" renamed into "Details".



New background textures:

Upload Images

Confirmed images no longer fade out completely and are present for you as a reminder of what you just uploaded.

Upcoming Changes

We are planning to introduce new, simpler interfaces for managing images and your portfolio menu structure. Also, we are planning to let artists reorder images within the albums by dragging the images. More details coming.

Patch 1.1 Hotfixes

10 Aug 2011, 18:42

Bug Fixes

Portfolio Settings

  • When photo is uploaded it is correctly displayed on the page
  • Fixed the bug which prevented setting the portfolio menu for newly created portfolios

Account Settings

When avatar is uploaded it is correctly displayed on the page.

Portfolio About

Photo now is correctly displayed in the top-right corner of the central part.

Profile Page

Now a proper development message is displayed when trying to visit an artist's profile page.