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EasyDesigns.org: End-User License Agreement

By using services provided by EasyDesigns.org, you agree to all the terms below.

You may register an account only if you read and accept these terms.

We might change these terms at our discretion but we will notify you by email of any important changes.

Service Description

We allow you to upload art and other works, copyright to which belongs or is licensed to you.

You can also create and manage your portfolio.

The service provides a social networking service, so you can rate, comment and view works of other users of the service.

Your Obligations

By registering an account you agree not to:

  • try to impersonate another person
  • upload images and other art, for which copyright is not owned by you and not licensed to you
  • upload pornographic material
  • upload child pornography
  • upload the same image multiple times
  • upload images which are not considered pieces of art
  • behave irrespective to other users of the service while in the public areas of the service
  • try to hack or otherwise gain unauthorised access to other users' accounts
  • create multiple accounts for purpose of evading limitations and regulations of the voting system
  • using the service to create and distribute spam emails and messages
  • using the service for advertising commercial goods or services
  • using the service to violate laws
  • artificially inflate or distort voting or viewing counters
  • knowingly try to cause denial of service of EasyDesigns.org
  • sell, trade or otherwise transfer your account

Other rules include:

  • You should upload only best of your works
  • Any materials uploaded which contain nudity, extreme violence or can otherwise be regarded as mature content must be flagged so as mature content.
  • When giving your date of birth to enable viewing of mature content, you must give your real date of birth.

Account and Material Ownership

All accounts registered with EasyDesigns.org remain EasyDesigns.org's property. It is only the uploaded material which is the property of the user.

We can change your username if we believe that it is rude, offending or otherwise inappropriate.

We can at our discretion decide to ban a user and partially or completely deny them access to the service for a limited or unlimited period of time.

We can decide at our own discretion which images are appropriate and which are inappropriate and either request the user to remove them or remove the image ourselves.

We reserve the right to judge which images are pornographic (forbidden) or just erotic (allowed).

Our Obligations and Privacy Policy

We will not share your personal data with anyone.

We will try to keep the services updated and notify you of any major changes.

We will not keep the images and other information you deleted except for regular backup purposes.

Copyright Complaints

We will try to resolve any copyright conflicts as soon as we possibly can. In the process we may disable or prevent public access to a piece of material in question. We may also block the account of the user who uploaded the materials.

We will permanently ban users who are repetitively involved in copyright infringement.

If you have any concerns about copyright of a particular piece of material, you should send us an email to: copyright@EasyDesigns.org.


EasyDesigns.org is not liable for any damages caused by a third party complaining about you violating rules or infringing copyrights as well as for any damages arising from you using the service.

Specifically, EasyDesigns.org is not responsible for protecting the copyright of your materials outside of EasyDesigns.org website.

We may display links to other resources or services. Because we can't control them we take no responsibility for any damages caused by visiting or using them as well as we are not responsible for availability of those resources

We are not liable for any kind of damages caused by whatever events.


If we find that you violate any rules or conditions of the Terms, we can disable or completely delete your account without prior notice.